Friday, May 1, 2009

I turn my promotion over to you.

I keep struggling with this, Jesus, I really do. But you suffered so much worse. This is a small thing it really is. I think what sticks in me about it is it feels like you blessed me. You helped me do so well on my test and it feels like the enemy is behind keeping what I deserve from me. But maybe it's not about that. Maybe I need to just wait on you. And trust. Trust that you know what you are doing. And that you know the exact minute when I will promote and where I will end up and all of that. Like each hair on my head and what not. Help me wait. Help me turn this over to you. 

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  1. Good Morning!
    Thank you for visiting my blog(s). Reading yours here, I would like to say to you as an older sister in Christ, that whenever the Lord has something really really good, beneficial and yummy for you, the enemy always sends in a really really good, beneficial and yummy imitation. So many times we fall for it. If it looks too good to be true, if there is such an urgency that seems too unnecessary, pray twice! LOL. The most urgent decision God ever calls us to make is in accepting Jesus!
    Ooohhh, I think I'm gonna like it here. Please come back and visit. Not always able to blog but do enjoy sorting out my thoughts.
    Always blessed,